La Carte d’Apres Nature [1954]

[Internationale Lettriste] La Carte d’Apres NatureBruxelles (Belgium): Rene Magritte, June 1954. n.p. [24 p.]; 21 x 14 cm.; light cream wrappers with text in red and black.

This special issue of the “Carte d’Apres Nature” review includes thirty-nine responses to the question: “La pensée nous éclaire-t-elle, et nos actes, avec la même indifférence que le soleil, ou quel est notre espoir et quelle est sa valeur?” (In English: “Does thought enlighten both us and our actions with the same indifference as the sun, or what is our hope, and what is its value?”). Respondents include Noël Arnaud, Paul Colinet, R. Guiette, M. Havrenne, Th. Koenig, J. Lacomblez, P. Magritte, C. Malva, M. Mariën, J. Noiret, J. Pfeiffer, G. et M. Piqueray, L. Scutenaire, H. Senecaut, G. Van Bruaene… and the Internationale lettriste.

The Lettriste answer is signed “Henry de BEARN, Andre CONORD, Mohamed DAHOU, Guy-Ernest DEBORD, Jacques FILLON, Patrick STRARAM, Gil J. WOLMAN” and dated May 5, 1954. It concludes boldly with “very little is to be expected of the strength and power of the mind.” The full text in French can be found here, while an English language translation is located here.

We locate 8 copies on OCLC

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Der Deutsche Gedanke [1963]

Internationale Situationniste (Ed. Raoul Vaneigem). Der Deutsche Gedanke: Organ der Situationistischen Internationale fur Mitteleuropa. Bruxelles (Belgium): n.p., April 1963. 40 p.; ill.; 16 x 24 cm.; gold metallic wrappers with text in black.

First and only issue of this German-language periodical published by the Internationale Situationniste and geared at expanding Situationist ideas in Central Europe. Raoul Vaneigem is listed as the editor.

Opens with a lengthy quote from Theodor Adorno’s “Minima Moralia”, and includes the following texts – a mix of original content and translation of existing articles from the French review of the movement: “The Next Step” (Kotanyi), “Formulary for a New Urbanism” (Chtcheglov); “Basic Program of the Bureau of Unitary Urbanism” (Kotányi & Vaneigem); “The Bad Days Will End”; “The Role of the SI”; “Priority Communication”; “Basic Banalities (part 1)” (Vaneigem); “Ideologies, Classes, and the Domination of Nature”; “All the King’s Men” (Debord).

In total, 1000 copies were printed. A full translation can be found here:

We locate 5 OCLC, copies at Yale, Columbia, the Getty, Pompidou (Paul Destribats collection) and the National German Library.


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None Shall Escape: Caribbean Situationist vs. Trevor Monroe – LP [1973]

Caribbean Situationist / Fundi. None Shall Escape: Caribbean Situationist vs. Trevor MonroeLondon: Caribbean Situationist, June 1973. 30 x 30 cm.; White case with text in black

“Fundi, a Jamaican Situationist, describes the resistance against old-line Caribbean radicals such as Trevor Monroe” (Yale)
Contents: Side A. 1. Russia leading the revolution? — 2. What Padmore passed through — 3. Do you support the Cuban revolution? and some name calling
Side B.  4. It has flew to his head that he is the leader –5. Confrontation with liberal governments that just took over the other day –6. Sellout in Vietnam and Chase Manhattan in Russia — 7. What is necessary now; the councilist organizations towards the workers councils

We locate a single OCLC copy at Yale

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[J.V. Martin] J.V. Martin for Fuld Udblaesning [2007]

[J.V. Martin] Jeppesen, Lisa (Ed.).  J.V. Martin for Fuld UdblaesningRanders: Randers Kunstmuseum, 2007. 168 p.; ill.; 21 x 29 cm.; ill. Cover with reproduction of J.V. Martin painting, text in white. One of 1,000 copies printed.

Catalog of the exhibition J.V. Martin For Fuld Udblaesning, held at the Randers Museum of Art from August 11 to October 7, 2007. Includes a preface by Finn Terman Frederiksen, a text by Mikkel Bolt (which would later be translated as Playmates and Playboys at a higher level: J.V. Martin and the Situationist International, 1957-1972 and published as a book by Sternberg press in 2014) and a text by Bendiks Skov-Petersen. The manifest Uddfrag fra Kunstens Irrealisme, written by J.V. Martin in 1986, is reproduced in facsimile. Includes nearly 100 beautiful, full-page, color reproductions of Martin’s works. A lengthy biography of the artist, the work of Lisa Jeppesen, is provided as a post-face. A thorough and important retrospective.

We located 3 OCLC copies of this surprisingly scarce catalogue.

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[Vaneigem, Raoul] Histoire Desinvolte du Surrealisme [1977 / 1988]

[Vaneigem, Raoul] Dupuis, Jules-Francois (pseud.). Histoire Desinvolte du SurrealismeParis: L’Instant, May 1988. Second edition (first published 1977). 164 p.; 13 x 19 cm.; ill. Black cover with text in white and red, photograph of members of the Surrealist movement (Breton, Eluard, Peret, Tzara)

A “cavalier history of surrealism”, originally written by Vaneigem in 1970 when he was still a member of the Situationist international. The text was initially published by Paul Vermont in 1977, and then reprinted by Pierre Drachline at L’Instant in 1988.

The pseudonym chosen by Vaneigem is an obscure reference to Lautreamont (Isidore-Lucien Ducasse), whose concierge (and the signatory of the French poet’s death certificate) was named Jules-Francois Dupuis.

Our copy signed by Vaneigem: “A [illegible, blanked out], autre HISTOIRE DESINVOLTE mais radicale et imaginee(?) DU SURREALISME. Cordialement, R(aoul) V(aneigem)”

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[Pinot Gallizio, Giuseppe] Medaglia in Bronzo Pinot Gallizio

[Pinot Gallizio, Giuseppe] Bianchi, Daniela. Medaglia in Bronzo Pinot GallizioMilan: Stab. Artistico O.M.E.A., 1997. 48 mm. diameter, 60 gr., two-sided bronze medal housed in red protective box.

Bronze medallion celebrating the legacy of Italian artist and Alba resident Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio. Front side: portrait of Pinot-Gallizio. Back side: Partial view of the Piazza del Municipio in Alba, Italy. The medallion is the work of Daniel Bianchi (1963-)
Limited edition 150 pieces, ours n°057. With official box and bibliographical notice

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[Bauhaus Situationiste] Nye Linjer [1961]

[Bauhaus Situationiste] Ed. Nash, Jorgen et al. Nye Linjer. Braband, Denmark, [Fall] 1961. 36 p.; ill.; 17 x 26 cm.; ill. Black and white wrappers with text in black.

Early, Danish language publication from the Bauhaus Situationiste, which was founded in 1960 by Jorgen Nash after he and his brother Asger Jorn acquired a 200 acre farm in Drakabygget in Sweden.

The one and only issue of this publication  includes articles by members of the Sitationist International, such as Jorgen Nash himself (he won’t be excluded until 1962), and J.V. Martin. “Manifeste”, which had originally been published in Internationale Situationniste 4 (June 1960), is reproduced here in its first Danish translation.

We locate 2 OCLC, at the Danish National Bibliography and Odense University in Denmark.

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PSA – Situationist Exhibit at the Lilly Library at Indiana University – Bloomington

The Wounded Galaxies 1968: Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach Festival and Symposium,a festival and academic symposium on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of May 1968, is taking place on Feb 5-11 on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington. As part of this , the Lilly Library is hosting an exhibition around the Internationale Situationniste, featuring numerous items from my personal collection through Feb. 11. See pictures below





Robert Chasse – Purple Ravens and the World at War [1966]

Chasse, Robert. Purple Ravens and the World at War. n.p. [New York, NY]: n.p. [Torch Bookstore], n.d. [1966]. 10 p.; 21 x 29.5 cm.; ill. light blue wrappers.

Born in the New England working class family in 1934, Robert Chasse formed the New York-based Council for the Liberation of Daily Life with Bruce Elwell and Tony Verlaan in Fall 1967. The group officially became the Situationist International’s American section in November, 1968. After an internal feud, Chasse and Elwell resigned from the SI in December, 1969.

These poems pre-date Robert Chasse’s involvement with the Situationists. Chasse worked for the Bread & Puppet Theatre where he helped create a few masks. Between 1966 and 1967, he edited two issues of Life Chants & Songs of Revolution. These poetry anthologies featured Chasse’s own poems, as well as those of founding members of the Living Theatre, such as Julian Beck and Judith Malina. Around that time, Chasse also published a mimeographed version of two of his poems – Purple Ravens and The World at War.

We locate two copies on OCLC, at Northwestern and the New York Public Library.

To learn more about Robert Chasse and the American section of the Situationist International, please refer to Ecrits de la section Americaine de l’Internationale Situationniste (CMDE, 2012), trans. and preface by Fabrice de San Mateo. The preface was translated into English by Not Bored! and is available here

Since thanks to Fabrice de San Mateo for the biographical information on Robert Chasse.



Guy Debord – Original Correspondence with Magali [Clement] [1993]

Debord, Guy and Becker-Ho, Alice. [CORRESPONDENCE] Signed autograph postcard dated 01/10/[1993]. Not in Correspondance

Original correspondence between Guy Debord, Alice Becker-Ho, and Magali [Clement].

FRONT: Black and white photograph of “Le Minour – Champot”, Guy Debord’s rural residence. “Since 1974, Guy Debord had owned a cottage in the heart of Auvergne, next to Bellevue-la-Montagne, in an isolated hamlet known as Champot. The house is called Le Minour. As part of a housewarming celebration, a friend designs a postcard that will be circulated among close friends for the years to come” (Bourseiller 348, translation is mine). This is the postcard used here, part of this stash designed for Debord and his friends.

BACK: “Dear Magali. We watched your documentary – it’s always a pleasure to see Jeanne and her house again! Did the copy of ‘Cette Mauvaise Reputation’ sent to Ver-sur-Mer reach you? The address was a bit short, but I thought that your fame would help…I will call you as soon as we get to Normandy, in the first days of January. Warm embraces to you, Jeanne, and the others. Alice, Guy.”

Magali Clément was a friend of Guy Debord and Alice Becker-Ho. She was the daughter of Jeanne Clément, who had a restaurant in Paris, where Guy and Alice used to have dinner. Jeanne had a house near Champot where her daughter – Magali – directed the documentary “La Maison de Jeanne” (1988). She died in 2008, at age 60.

UPDATE: According to Andy Merrifield, Bourseiller was mistaken regarding the ownership of “Le Minour”, which was the property of Eugene Becker-Ho, Alice Debord’s brother.