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[INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTE]. Dans le decor spectaculaireParis: Internationale Situationniste, Dec. 1967. Poster. 37.5 cm x 56 cm; Printed recto in red and black on white paper.

Detourned comic designed by André Bertrand announcing the upcoming publication of Internationale Situationniste no. 11. The unsigned text can be attributed to Raoul Vaneigem and reads as follows: “Dans le decor spectaculaire ou le regard ne rencontreque les choses et leur prix…rien ne manque au confort de l’ennui. Le bon usage du choix commence avec le refus de payer…”, etc.

As noted by Raspaud (120-21, two different versions of this poster were released in December 1967, each with a similar unsigned text but illustrated with different comics. The other version is the work of Gerard Johannes, and is reproduced by Gonzalvez (136).