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Rumney, Ralph. The Leaning Tower of Venice. Paris: Silverbridge, 2002. 36 p.; ill.; 20 x29 cm.; blue cover with text in black. Limited and numbered edition of 368. In the 18 copies of the special edition on old Lana, one page in the last chapter (La stampa non é l’impronta) carries the hand print of the author in gold leaf with his signature. In the edition of 350, the hand’s imprint is screen printed on Centaure paper by the Charnière printer

“The first complete reproduction of Ralph Rumney’s seminal contribution of the International Situationist Movement’s conception of Psychogeography. This detournement of ‘fotonovella’ which Rumney realized in Venice in 1957, was meant to be published in the first issue of the International Situationist Review. In the preface, Ralph Rumney recounts all the misfortunes of this famous work of art which had disappeared under unclear circumstances and became invisible for many years” (Silverbridge)

The full book can be seen at (and ordered from) http://www.royalbooklodge.com/en/publications/the-leaning-tower-of-venice/