Vaseline. n.p [Paris, France]: n.p. [self-printed], 1991-1993. 21 x 30 cm.; black ink on white stock. 7 issues and 1 supplement (to issue no.5) published.

Ephemeral pro-situ journal, about which very little known. The tone is deliberately provocative, with dry (often self-conscious) humour mixed in. This is perfectly summarized in the Editorial to the second issue: “La recette est facile: choisissez un theme, n’importe lequel, et critiquez violemment. N’oubliez jamais le point de vue de la totalite. Ajoutez une pointe d’humour! Laissez mijoter. Servez en potlatch.” (p.1) [The recipe is an easy one: pick a topic, any topic, and criticize violently. Never omit the point of view of totality. Add a touch of humor! Let it simmer, and serve as a “potlatch” (p.1)]

Scarce. We have never encountered a copy in the trade. The journal was only distributed at the legendary “Librairie Actualites”, which closed its doors in 2007. No copies on OCLC either, though it appears from Issue #2 (see pictures below) that the IISG in Amsterdam unsuccessfully attempted to get a subscription (and, in pure Situationist fashion, is lambasted for it)



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