Internationale Situationniste. Critique européenne des Corps académiques des Universités, Collèges et Instituts de recherche de la métropole de New York et de l’aire de Cambridge-Boston; à propos du programme inadéquat que les susdits viennent de soumettre au président Kennedy et au gouverneur Rockefeller, dans le but de renverser l’absurde processus de la «défense civile» aux États Unis.  Paris: Mutant, n.d. [1962]. single sheet [2 p.]; 32 x 12 cm.; red ink on cream stock.

Bilingual leaflet in French (recto) and English (verso). The English title is “European critique of the inadequate programme which has just been presented to President Kennedy and Governor Rockefeller by the academic staff of Universities, Colleges, and Research Institutes for New York City and the Cambridge-Boston Area”

The leaflet serves two purposes. First, it condemns an announcement regarding fallout shelters made by the Civil Defense Letter Committee that appeared in the international edition of The New York Times on 30 December 1961. Further, it announces the publication of  a new review entitled “MUTANT”, to “appear in the Spring” of 1962 (and residing at the same address as the Situationist International, at the Montagne-Ste-Genevieve in Paris). The text is attributed to Debord and Jorn, the latter having been formally excluded from the SI just months prior but with whom Debord maintained a strong rapport. MUTANT never came to be, and this leaflet is the sole remaining printed evidence of this project.

The leaflet was reproduced on back the cover of Situationist Times no. 1 (May 1962) in both French and English, as well as in Situationist Times no.2 (September 1962) in English only.

The full text in both French and English can be found here:

Scarce, with only a single copy in the trade and 3 copies on OCLC (Yale, Michigan, Bibliotheque Nordique), though we strongly suspect the Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris also owns one.