Vaneigem, Raoul;  Kozakis, Nicolas (Photos). Un moment d’eternite dans le passage du temps. Crisnee (Belgium): Yellow Now, April 2012. n.p. [78 p.]; ill.; 14 x 19 cm.; ill. White cover with text in black. 1 DVD single face (4’33) with B&W images from the book.

Beautiful collaboration project between Raoul Vaneigem and visual artist Nicolas Kozakis. We borrow heavily from Katerina Gregos’ thorough and accurate review:

“The work was shot in Mount Athos, a remote mountain and peninsula in northern Greece, which is home to a number of Greek Orthodox monasteries […] Apart from being a holy place, it is also one of escape and meditation for those who manage to gain access. The video unfolds in an undisclosed location, by the sea. A sad-faced, lone immigrant construction worker goes about the task of building a traditional stone house, at his own pace, stopping now and then to smoke a cigarette and contemplate the magnificent, totally still sea view. His task is facilitated by a few donkeys, ancient labourers which have now become all but obsolete from the modern workforce. Time seems almost to have stood still.

Vaneigem’s existential, poetic text builds on the quiet, contemplative pace of the images, reflecting on the nature of contemporary life, and its obsession with work, productivity and success, at the expense of the true experience of life itself. The text muses on the current impasse and the predatory nature of capitalism, which has reduced life to its « mere shadows», the lonely figure of the worker recalls the myriad of migrants exploited as cheap labour all over the planet. Critical and utopian at once, it argues for the need to reinvent a new, more humane vision of the world, closer to nature”

2 copies on OCLC (BnF, Paris VIII) and scarce in the tradeIMG_2752 IMG_2751 IMG_2750 IMG_2749 IMG_2748 IMG_2747 IMG_2746 IMG_2745IMG_2742 IMG_2741 IMG_2740