Debord, Guy. The Society of the Spectacle [FILM]. n.p. [New York, NY?], Ediciones La Cavalera, n.d. [1990s]. 1 VHS tape (89 min.): sd., b&w, 1/2 in. French with English subtitles.

The film version of the Society of the Spectacle was released in 1973, six years after the eponymous book and a year after the dissolution of the SI. Following Gerard Lebovici’s assassination in 1984, and in response to the press’ accusations that he may have murdered his friend and publisher, Debord took his films out of circulation until after his death. While his films were shown on French television immediately following Debord’s suicide in 1994, it wasn’t until 2005 that they were officially re-released to the public in a DVD box set titled Guy Debord: Oeuvres cinématographiques complètes.

Between 1984 and 2005 – when Debord’s films were difficult to get a hold off – bootleg VHS tapes and DVDs flourished. Keith Sanborn produced the first subtitled version of the French film; Peggy Ahwesh is credited as “project coordinator”

The OCLC entry reads as follows: “This essayistic film is both an adaptation of Debord’s book and a provocative example of a favored situationist tactic, détournement, which is a reuse of existing artistic elements in a new ensemble. Neither an ivory tower “philosophical” discourse nor a helplessly impulsive “protest,” this is a ruthlessly lucid examination of the most fundamental tendencies and contradictions of the society we live in.” (OCLC)

Not found in the trade, with only three OCLC holdings (Michigan, Berkeley SUNY Buffalo)