Martin, J.V. [Else Steen Hansen]. Homo Ludens. In Konstrevy 5-6 (pp. 200-203). Stockholm: Ahlen & Akerlunds Forlags, 1963. ca. 64 p. [numbered 162-224]; ill.; 21 x 30 cm.; ill. Black and red wrappers with text in white.

Rare contemporary account of the RSG-6 exhibit (“Homo Ludens” by Else Steen Hansen (pp. 200-203) published in a Swedish avant-garde art magazine. Even more uncommon is the fact that this profusely illustrated review received the closest thing to praise from the members of the Internationale Situationniste. In “les mois les plus longs” (Internationale Situationniste 9, August 1964), those who professed their contempt for all art critics describe Hansen’s review as “un compte rendu intelligent” (see

So how is this possible? Well, the only review the Situationists would endorse is one written by their own. Indeed, Else Steen Hansen is a pseudonym for J.V. Martin, who authored this (understandably positive) review. The full text (along with the illustrations) can be found at


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