It is this time of the year again when I remind readers of the many ways can contribute to this blog:

(1) Write a blog post sharing interesting or unusual Situationist (or Situ-related) material that you own. This may include anything from original Debord correspondence to a contemporary post-Situ publication you’d like others to know about

(2) Gift to, sell to or trade material with the archive. As you can see in the “about” section, my ultimate goal is to place this collection at a major research institution where it is accessible by all, free of charge. I will gladly accept donations  and I am prepared to make serious financial offers when necessary. No item is too small – ephemera (postcards, leaflets, etc.) is awesome.

(3) Retweet, reblog, facebook share or otherwise spread the word so that many others can learn about it

(4) Invite me to speak about the archive. I travel a lot for work and I now have a 45-minute presentation with PowerPoint and audio/video that introduces the S.I. and its unique material to a general audience. So let me know if this is of interest.

(5) Introduce yourself to me – lets get to know each other. It’s good to know who reads and appreciates this blog. And we could find new grounds for collaboration (cheers to Ian Thompson, whom I assisted with his first-ever English translation of Debord’s “Memoires”)

To reach me: elhajoui (.AT.) gmail (.DOT.) com

Happy new year to all