[BAUHAUS SITUATIONNISTE]. Nash – Love i happening – detta informationsmeddelande utgör ett tillägg till ert försäkringsbrev [ORIGINAL LEAFLET]n.p. [Örkelljunga, Sweden]: n.p. [Bauhaus Situationniste], n.d. [1970? 1990?]. Two-sided leaflet (with detourned comic); 21 x 30 cm. Small paper loss at edges not affecting text.

Exceptional leaflet by the Second Situationist commemorating the Little Mermaid scandal as well as Jorgen Nash’s 50th (or 70th?) birthday. On April 24, 1964, Jorgen Nash and other members of the Second Situationist decapitated the world-famous Little Mermaid statue in an “anti-happening” protest . The head was never recovered, and a new one was produced and placed on the statue.

On one side, the following text (google translation is mine) “One of the worst bandit in the international avant-garde poet, painter and troublemaker Jorgen Nash will soon turn 50 (crossed) 70. Friends comrades in the Nordic realms will celebrate the occasion in Copenhagen at namely the Grand Cafe Seiskabslokaler on Friday, 20 March at 19:00. To mark Jorgens’ birthday and be involved in this great life celebration, you must send 30 DKK per person to Lyngaard Soren Petersen, Fire Holm, Rodovre, Denmark by 16 March. These 30 Danish krones pay for the birth day dinner: beef fillet with  Bearnaise. Caramel ice cream. Coffee. This is inclusive of music, dance and tips, but excludes drinks.Approximately 1,200 people came to Jorgen’s poetry jubilee in Trondheim in 1967…You are among the chosen few.

On the other side, a detourned copy “Leva Livet”: LINE 1: “The goal of a revolutionary movement is to abolish class society…without creating a new class.” LINE 2: “All the power to the work councils, not the party!” “Damn. It itches.” “We must criticize the world and life – not just the socioeconomic market structure” “GRRRR AAA OUT!”. LINE 3: “We should not manage the world, but transform it!” “The so-called revolutionary ideologies are merely an attempt to stop the revolutionary project!”. LINE 4: “I will not surrender my life to some damn technocrats and bureaucrats.” “Death to the leaders!!!! Ahhhh!!!” “Yes. Marx’s theories are really a critique of everyday life! Ah!”



We locate a single OCLC copy at the Beinecke (Postwar Culture archive), Yale University. http://www.beineckepostwar.com/#!situationist-international/c1ae6