[Rumney, Ralph]. ICA Place: Guide to Place. London: ICA, n.d. [1958-59]. 1 p. leaflet; 20 x 45 cm. (folded into 10 x 22 cm); black ink on white stock.

This unassuming leaflet serves as the “catalog” of a collective exhibition held at the Tate Gallery in 1959. Curated by Roger Coleman (who also wrote the brief essay that appears here), the exhibition featured the paintings of Robyn Denny, Ralph Rumney and Richard Smith. The exhibition occurred only a few months after Rumney’s exclusion from the SI. 

“Back in what was becoming ‘Swinging London’ in 1959, Smith and Denny collaborated with Ralph Rumney on Place, an exhibition at the ICA exploring shared ‘ideas […] on the relationship between painting and the spectator’, according to Roger Coleman’s catalogue. One of the exhibition’s most immediate ways of achieving this was to stand the paintings directly on the ground, anticipating what Anthony Caro would go on to do with sculpture, and to make them uniformly large: the ‘Rules of PLACE’ stipulated” (British Pavilion in Venice, http://venicebiennale.britishcouncil.org/people/reference/robyn-denny)

Reproduced in Ralph Rumney: la Vie d’artiste (Paris: Allia, 2010), p.17.

We locate a single OCLC copy at the Tate.