[La Guerre Sociale]. La Guerre Sociale no.1-7. Paris: La Guerre Sociale, 1977-1985. v.p. [14-71 p.]; ill.; 18 x 26 cm (issues 1-6) and 19.5 x 28 cm. (issue 7).

La Guerre Sociale was an ultra-left, Situationist-influence journal appearing in France from 1977 to 1985. Dominique Blanc was the driving force behind it. In 1980, the group divided itself around the question of the support to Robert Faurisson and his negationist theses. Several individuals (such as Gilles Dauve) walked away and founded the journal La Banquise. For a detailed discussion of “La Guerre Sociale” and the controversy surrounding it, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Guerre_Sociale

La Guerre Sociale is known for having first published Semprun’s “La Guerre Sociale au Portugal”.

The table of contents as well as the full text of all scanned issues is available at http://archivesautonomies.org/spip.php?article35

Scarce in the trade. OCLC locates holdings at IISG (Amsterdam), BnF, BDIC (Paris) and National Library of Sweden.