Guy Debord – Original Correspondence with Magali [Clement] [1993]

Debord, Guy and Becker-Ho, Alice. [CORRESPONDENCE] Signed autograph postcard dated 01/10/[1993]. Not in Correspondance

Original correspondence between Guy Debord, Alice Becker-Ho, and Magali [Clement].

FRONT: Black and white photograph of “Le Minour – Champot”, Guy Debord’s rural residence. “Since 1974, Guy Debord had owned a cottage in the heart of Auvergne, next to Bellevue-la-Montagne, in an isolated hamlet known as Champot. The house is called Le Minour. As part of a housewarming celebration, a friend designs a postcard that will be circulated among close friends for the years to come” (Bourseiller 348, translation is mine). This is the postcard used here, part of this stash designed for Debord and his friends.

BACK: “Dear Magali. We watched your documentary – it’s always a pleasure to see Jeanne and her house again! Did the copy of ‘Cette Mauvaise Reputation’ sent to Ver-sur-Mer reach you? The address was a bit short, but I thought that your fame would help…I will call you as soon as we get to Normandy, in the first days of January. Warm embraces to you, Jeanne, and the others. Alice, Guy.”

Magali Clément was a friend of Guy Debord and Alice Becker-Ho. She was the daughter of Jeanne Clément, who had a restaurant in Paris, where Guy and Alice used to have dinner. Jeanne had a house near Champot where her daughter – Magali – directed the documentary “La Maison de Jeanne” (1988). She died in 2008, at age 60.

UPDATE: According to Andy Merrifield, Bourseiller was mistaken regarding the ownership of “Le Minour”, which was the property of Eugene Becker-Ho, Alice Debord’s brother.



10 thoughts on “Guy Debord – Original Correspondence with Magali [Clement] [1993]”

  1. Bonjour

    Excellente trouvaille . Une petite rectification , néanmoins, c’est le mot NORMANDIE qui est écrit sur la carte et que vous avez traduit par MONESTARY. Voili Voila.



  2. Le Minour was never Debord’s property. The owner was Alice’s brother, Eugene Becker-Ho.

  3. Interesting, so Bourseiller is mistaken? Thanks for the clarification.

  4. Yes, he was mistaken but his book on Debord is good nonetheless. And I should have said that the post is great. The image here is the side of the property. The entrance is a small doorway embedded in the wall around the front. There are a couple of other properties around it; the adjoining farmhouse was also owned by Eugène B-H but it was sold off in the early 2000s. Alice still comes to house every summer. I interviewed her there in July 2003, during the heatwave the country was experiencing then. I very much enjoy this site so please keep going with it.

  5. Thanks Andy! You will be glad to hear that your book is part of my collection.

  6. That’s very kind and good to know! Thank you! You are digging up some fantastic material here. I am fascinated by photos of Debord toward the end of his life. I am not sure whether there are a lot that exist but would be interested to know if you have any similar to those that Jean-François Martos has in Correspondance avec Guy Debord (a book that Alice managed to get withdrawn).
    All best wishes,

  7. I’ll see what I can dig up —

  8. You can find previously unpublished photos of debord in the 80’s in the book ” L’Amitié de Guy Debord, rapide comme une charge de cavalerie légère” by Bessompière, Éditions Les Fondeurs de Briques, 2010.

  9. Yes, they’re good ones there, with Lebovici in the Champot garden, and inside house smoking his pipe. Thanks for pointing this out. Bessompière’s text is well worth a read, too.

  10. Re: Debord at Champot: these photos, taken yesterday, might be of interest:

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