[Bauhaus Situationiste] Ed. Nash, Jorgen et al. Nye Linjer. Braband, Denmark, [Fall] 1961. 36 p.; ill.; 17 x 26 cm.; ill. Black and white wrappers with text in black.

Early, Danish language publication from the Bauhaus Situationiste, which was founded in 1960 by Jorgen Nash after he and his brother Asger Jorn acquired a 200 acre farm in Drakabygget in Sweden.

The one and only issue of this publication  includes articles by members of the Sitationist International, such as Jorgen Nash himself (he won’t be excluded until 1962), and J.V. Martin. “Manifeste”, which had originally been published in Internationale Situationniste 4 (June 1960), is reproduced here in its first Danish translation.

We locate 2 OCLC, at the Danish National Bibliography and Odense University in Denmark.

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