[Vaneigem, Raoul] Dupuis, Jules-Francois (pseud.). Histoire Desinvolte du SurrealismeParis: L’Instant, May 1988. Second edition (first published 1977). 164 p.; 13 x 19 cm.; ill. Black cover with text in white and red, photograph of members of the Surrealist movement (Breton, Eluard, Peret, Tzara)

A “cavalier history of surrealism”, originally written by Vaneigem in 1970 when he was still a member of the Situationist international. The text was initially published by Paul Vermont in 1977, and then reprinted by Pierre Drachline at L’Instant in 1988.

The pseudonym chosen by Vaneigem is an obscure reference to Lautreamont (Isidore-Lucien Ducasse), whose concierge (and the signatory of the French poet’s death certificate) was named Jules-Francois Dupuis.

Our copy signed by Vaneigem: “A [illegible, blanked out], autre HISTOIRE DESINVOLTE mais radicale et imaginee(?) DU SURREALISME. Cordialement, R(aoul) V(aneigem)”

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