[INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTE]. [Dans le décor spectaculaire où le regard ne rencontre que les choses et leur prix…] In Our Spectacular Society Where All You Can See… n.p. [London, United Kingdom]: n.p. [King Mob], n.d. [1968]. Poster. Ill.; 49.5 x 34 cm. Offset, printed in black on white semi-gloss stock.

English language translation by King Mob of the original poster by Andre Bertrand, announcing the upcoming publication of Internationale Situationniste no.11. The unsigned text is by Raoul Vaneigem.

According to Andrew Sclanders from BeatBooks, “the poster was reproduced on the front cover of International Times #26 (February 16th, 1968) after numerous copies were found flyposted outside their office building on Betterton Street by “some Lone Anarchist Nite Marauder?” (Dick Pountain later claimed responsibility), and sections of it were published over three pages in Oz #10 (March 1968).”

We would like to add that the other version of the poster (as Raspaud notes, there were two version with the same text but different detourned comics) was reproduced in Berkeley Barb issue 140, vol.6, no.16, April 19-25, 1968.

We do not locate any copy in the trade or on OCLC. Not in Raspaud.


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