[JORN, Asger]. Modifications: R.A. Augustinci présente vingt peintures modifiées par ASGER JORN. n.p. [Paris]: n.p. [Galerie Rive Gauche], n.d. [May 1959]. n.p. [16 p. + 4 p.]; ill.; 21 x 18.5 cm.; ill. cover reproducing one of Jorn’s detourned paintings.

Catalog of Asger Jorn’s famed “Modifications” show, which was held under the auspices of R.A. Augustinci at the galerie Rive Gauche in Paris between 6 and 28 May 1959. Twenty paintings were exhibited, nine of which are reproduced here (one in color, serving as the catalog’s cover, and eight in B&W).

Stapled inside is a four-page, French-language text printed on thick yellow stock: “Peinture détournée” (detourned painting). In this short essay, Jorn celebrates the death of painting and advocates for detournement in the visual arts. The text is reproduced in full, both in French and in an English translation, here: http://viemoderne2.blogspot.com/2006/08/peinture-dtourne-jorn-mai-1959.html

The catalog has been scanned and reproduced in full by Allia – see http://www.editions-allia.com/files/pdf_72_file.pdf. The document is preceded by a one-page introduction that sheds further light on this exhibition and its importance in the history of the Internationale Situationniste. Indeed, the galerie Rive Gauche show is mentioned in Debord’s correspondence (in a letter dated 7 June 1959, he congratulates Jorn on the ‘serious shock’ the exhibition caused) and discussed in Potlatch #30 (July 1959).

Our copy is unique in that someone (perhaps the gallery owner?) wrote down in black pen the names of the collectors who acquired Jorn’s paintings. Augustinci appeared to have bought a single painting, while Italian modern art collector Paolo Marinotti snagged five. Paride Accetti, a lawyer who also collected Baj, got another three.

Scarce in the trade, with about a dozen copies on OCLC