[Laurendeau, Pierre] Hurl Barbe (pseud.). Pompe le MousseParis: Editions de la Brigandine, April 1982. 188 p.; 18 x 10 cm. Ill. cover with photography of a half-naked woman.

Published under the pseudonym of Hurl Barbe, this pornographic novel is the work of Pierre Laurendeau. A minor writer, Laurendeau also wrote under the pen names ‘Jules Veine” and “Pierre Charmoz.

The novels tells the story of two young women – Alice and her sister Juliette – who get booted out of Catholic school and meander the world. They first hitchhike to Paris, which they reach on May 10, 1968, and go straight to the barricades in the Latin Quarter. There, they meet “Guy Retord” (i.e., Debord), “Gianfranco Spaghetti” (i.e., Sanguinetti) and “Raoul van Houten” (i.e., Vaneigem) – the theoricians of a mysterious “Internationale de Sisyphe”. The castof characters grows to include a perverted Italian magnate, his deviant brother who drank from the fountain of youth, a depraved Jesuit priest, a deserter from the 19th century and more…Together, this ragtag crew moves from place to place, including submarines and deserted islands, in search of a mysterious treasure…

We locate a single copy on OCLC, at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.


Long out of print, a second edition was released under the auspices of Jean-Jacques Gevaudan (“Sous la Cape”) in December 2013. It is available on the publishers’ website: http://www.souslacape.fr/livres/fiche_livre/242. Further, a full PDF version of the text can downloaded free of charge here: http://www.deleatur.fr/download.php?fichier=web_pompe.pdf

A third edition was released by erotica publisher “La Musardine” in 2016. “Pompe le Mousse” it is reprinted alongside two other novels from editions La Brigandine.  It can be ordered here: http://www.lamusardine.com/P30905-trois-autres-romans-de-la-brigandine-lotka-francis-guez-eric-barbe-hurl.html