London Psychogeographical Association. London Psychogeographical Association NewsletterLondon, UK: East London Section of the London Psychogeographical Society, 1995-2000. 21 x 29.5 cm.; B&W ill.; plain white paper with text printed in black.

The full text of the LPA is now available at

“This PDF file contains scans of the near complete series of the 4-paged East London Section’s London Psychogeographical Association Newsletter (ELPAN) – originally self-published in the United Kingdom between Imbolc 1993 and Tahbrain 399 – plus its occasional extra inserts. No.20 and “the last mailing” mentioned on p.4 of No.21 are missing. If anyone can supply scans of one or all of these (preferably as a
300dpi PDF file) it would be greatly appreciated, and added to this PDF file to
complete the set. Please send to Mark Reeve at:” (p.1)

The London Psychogeographical Association (LPA) was originally founded by Ralph Rumney in 1957, but never disbanded. In the 1990s, Fabian Tompsett (under the pseudonym of Richard Essex), resurrected the long-dormant group as the LPA East London Section. Like Transgressions and the Manchester Psychogeographical Association – which were also active around the same time – the LPA rejected the orthodox Situationist vision of psychogeography, engaging instead in “Magico-marxism” and similar approaches. Beyond its publications, the LPA sponsored psychogeographical trips, which were advertised in its newsletter.

LPA newsletters are rare, with only 3 OCLC full sets (National Library of Scotland, British Library, Oxford) and one partial set (NYU – issues 1,2,7). We have in our possession all issues except #20.