[DEBORD, Guy]. A los Libertariosn.p. [Paris]: Los Amigos Internacionales [i.e., Guy Debord], September 1980. Two-sided broadside; 46 x 31.5 cm.; black ink on white stock.

This is the hitherto unknown first edition of A Los Liberatios, which was also published as part of Appels de la Prison de Segovie (Paris: Champ Libre) in November 1980. Signed “Los Amigos Internacionales”, the short text was authored by Guy Debord. He calls out the fact that “more than fifty libertarians are being held in the prisons of Spain, and many among them have been held many years without being tried” and asks that Spanish comrades take action. The broadside is thought to have been distributed in Spain, though it is unclear whether or to which extent his occurred

Full text available at https://sindominio.net/ash/libertarios.html (Spanish), with French (http://kropot.free.fr/Debord-libertaires.htm) and English (http://www.notbored.org/aux-libertaires.html) translations also available.

This broadside is uncommon. We do not locate any copy in OCLC or in the trade.