[Situationistisk Internationale]. Situationistisk Revolution. Randers (Denmark): S.I., July 1962. 4 p.; ill.; 21 x 15 cm.; black ink on orange stock.

Subscription leaflet announcing the release of the first issue of “Situationistisk Revolution”, which would be published in October 1962. J.V. Martin is listed as the editor, and the address of the SI in Randers (Denmark) is provided.

Page 3 features a detourned comic that would appear in the third issue of the periodical in October 1970 (p.66). It reads as follows: “We are a nightmare that culture’s sleep does not overcome. We are only an avant-garde; others will come” ( I welcome a better translation, since I do not speak Danish).

The full text of the leaflet is available (in Danish) here: https://web.archive.org/web/20160325013335/http://www.copenhagenfreeuniversity.dk/sr.html