[Situationistisk Internationale]. Situationistisk Revolution 2 – Elendigheden i studentens milieu. Randers (Denmark): S.I., November 1968. 48 p.; ill.; 21 x 14.5 cm.; ill. Cream wrappers with text in black

Second (and rarest) issue of Situationistisk Revolution, the journal of the Scandinavian section of the SI. Bernstein, Debord, Khayati, Vaneigem and Vienet are listed as members of the editorial committee, with J.V. Martin as editor-in-chief. This issue largely consists in a translation of De La Misere en Milieu Etudiant into Danish as Elendigheden i studentens milieu (p.5-31). However, other items are included: an original collage by J.V. Martin (p.32), reproduction of Situationist broadsides (p.33-36), a translation of Definition Minimum des Organisations Revolutionnaires and several leaflets from the CMDO (p.37-45), a list of publications by the Scandinavian section of the SI (p.46), and a translation of Debord’s Theses sur la Revolution culturelle (p.47-48).

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Scarce, with no copies found on OCLC (librairies only own issue 1 & 3)