[KING MOB / Ron Hunt]. The Bash Street Kids Go to the Sit-in. n.p. [London, United Kingdom]: n.p., n.d. [ca. 1969]. 1 p. (two-sided); 21 x 34 cm.; black ink on white stock.

Leaflet passing a harsh judgment on student sit-ins in Cambridge and at the LSE: “And with this void at its heart the student participators in the sit-in could never achieve anything…How many lessons will the student need?? We shall be fortunate indeed if his puerile masochism cannot withstand the necrophilia that was the sit-in…”

Then, authors state the need for the revolution to be one of everyday life “Our theory is one of total liberation, our practice to bring this about as completely as possible at every level and every stage before the revolution. We therefore only come together in small groups, we groove together, make love together…We find affirmation in each other of our will to LIVE”.

The text ends with a call to action: “To despise the bourgeoisie means : EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED. Let nothing we hate, let no symbols of our alienation remain. We shall strike against our oppressors whenever and wherever we can. PAINTING WALLS, FLY POSTING, THEFT, SABOTAGE, ARSON. SHEER DELIGHT. TO LIVE MEANS TO ENJOY. ALL STUDENTS ARE POTENTIAL PROLETARIANS”

We locate copies at the Tate (part of the King Mob archive) and at the British Library. Not in David Wise’s King Mob – A Critical Hidden History.

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