[KING MOB]. Maybe if someone told these students about Dada they’d forget daddy. What is Dada? Ask your tutor. n.p. [London, United Kingdom]: The Black Cat Rides again, n.d. [1968 or 1969]. 1 p. (two-sided); 21 x 34 cm.; black ink on yellow stock

Another King Mob leaflet criticizing students in the aftermath of the occupation / sit-in of the London School of Economics . “Ignorance is the main characteristic of the english student. He doesn’t even know he’s worse off than his comrades in Germany & France. Jesus who else would put up with such humiliation and bullshit” What follows is a “revised history of the L.S.E week. We do not claim these events, we claim to situate them. They have beenselected from the back pages of newspapers whose front pages were replete with the activities of responsible agitation”

As we do not locate other copies on OCLC, we would appreciate any further input on this document from our readers.

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