DEL BALDO, Luca (b. 1969). Guy Debord. 2020. Oil and acrylic on wood. 30 x 20 cm

Original portrait of Guy Debord by Italian painter Luca Del Baldo.

Born in 1969, Del Baldo resides in Cantu (Como), Italy. Operating outside the institutional art world, Del Baldo spent the last ten years working on the “The Visionary Academy of Ocular Mentality (De Gruyter, 2020). As part of this project, the artist “asked famous art critics, art historians, and philosophers for headshot photographs of themselves, which he used to make paintings. He then shared the paintings with his subjects and told them to comment on the results. His goal was thus not simply to make a portrait, but to establish a relationship with his subject; how that person responds is revealing” (source). Featured art historians and scholars includes WJT Mitchell, Jacques Ranciere, Jean-Luc Nancy, Michel Onfray, Slavoj Zizek, Zigmunt Bauman, George Steiner, Stephen Greenblatt, and many others. Del Baldo is also known for his painting of a dead Gaddafi (see below)

Credits: Luca Del Baldo
Credits: AFP