DEBORD, [Guy]; KOTANYI, A[ttila]; LAUSEN, U[we]; VANEIGEM, R[aoul]. Proclamation from l’Internationale Situationniste. n.p. [Goteborg, Sweden]: Internationale Situationniste, 23 March 1962. 1 p.; 21 x 15 cm.; black ink on thin red stock.

English language leaflet written by Debord in response to the future “Nashists'”(Jacqueline de Jong, Jörgen Nash and Ansgar Elde) own denunciation of their expulsion from the SI (see Nicht Hinauslehnen = Ne pas se pencher au dèhors = E pericoloso sporgesi! = Danger! Do not lean out! = Det är livsfarligt att luta sig ut! = Niet naar buiten hangen!). The formatting and typography of the two leaflets are indeed very similar.

Nash and Elde are blamed for their “support [of] a number of collectors with the aid of the recently repelled fraction which was excluded from the German section at the Paris conference of the Conseil Central on the 10th of February”. JV Martin becomes the “supreme authority to represent l’Internationale Situationniste in the area covered by the former Scandinavian section…”

Full text available here:

BnF (Jeu de la Guerre) 219. Gonzalvez 117. Scheppe & Ohrt 201

We locate copies at Yale’s Beinecke Library (Jacqueline de Jong papers) and at the BNF (Guy Debord archive)