[BODSON, Guy] ANTOINE, Guy (pseud)“Qu’est-ce que le “situationnisme” in Le Monde Libertaire: Organe de la Federation Anarchiste. Paris, December 1966. 16 p.; ill.; two-sided printed on newspaper stock

This article, authored by Guy Bodson and published in Le Monde Libertaire, is the opening salvo of an internecine war within the Federation Anarchiste. Written under the pseudonym of Guy Antoine, the article offers a panegyric of the Situationist movement just a few months after the publication of De la Misere en Milieu Etudiant and the “Strasbourg scandal” in the Fall of 1966. The Situationist brochure had openly criticitzed the Federation Anarchiste: ““These people actually tolerate everything because they tolerate each other. ” Bodson, who was then a member of the editorial committee of Le Monde Libertaire, was quickly rebuffed by his colleagues. In the January 1967 issue of Federation Anarchiste, C-A Bontemps responds to Bodson in the most direct terms (translation is mine)

Guys your age are, in fact, unable to read the anarchist newspapers and pamphlets of the various tendencies that flourished during the 1900s. Because of this, they do not realize that they are discovering America. The texts of the brochure in question, I read them verbatim (style, intentions, insults) dozens of times before 1914. The Provos replace, less well, the activists of direct action. The Beatniks have replaced the individualists who wanted to be anti-social and, like many of these, they fall into line at age 25. "Situationist theory is therefore not as novel as it is said."

Early in 1967, the editorial committee of Le Monde Libertaire is dissolved by Maurice Laissant. This leads to allegations of authoritarianism on the one hand, and the fear of a Situationist plot against the Federation Anarchiste on the other. Ultimately, this will lead to a split in the Federation Anarchiste. This story is discussed at length in La FA et les Situationnistes

Perhaps more importantly, Qu’est ce que le “situationnisme” is viewed by Debord as “the best article ever written on the subject” (Letter to Guy Bodson dated 11 Decembre 1966, see Correspondance vol. 3, p.180), and is thus worth a read.