DEBORD, Guy; VANEIGEM, Raoul. Das Unbehagen in Der Kultur (ang. dommen over situationisten UWE LAUSEN)Randers: Internationale Situationistiske, [1962]. 1 p. leaflet (single-sided); 21.5 x 34.5 cm.; black ink on white stock.

Danish translation of the French-language leaflet (Das Unbehagen in Der Kultur – A Propos de la Condamnation du Situationniste Uwe Lausen), issued in Paris in July 1962.

Signed by Debord and Vaneigem, the text denounces the sentencing of Uwe Lausen (a member of the German section of the SI) to a year-long prison term for “blasphemy” as part of the trial against SPUR. It follows the Declaration sur les Proces contre l’Internationale Situationniste en Allemagne Federale, issued on June 25, 1962, and which denounced the trial itself.

While the original French leaflet included a photography of a young Uwe Lausen, it is not present in the Danish leaflet. Further, while the original leaflet was released on 21 x 29 cm paper, this version is on 21 x 34.5 cm paper. Finally, the address of the SI in Randers (instead of Paris) is listed at the bottom of the page. This Danish translation of Das Unbehagen in Der Kultur will appear in Situationistisk Revolution 1 (October 1962); this leads us to believe that this leaflet was distributed in Denmark during the summer or Fall of 1962

Not in Gonzalvez, BNF, Raspaud & Voyer, Scheppe & Ohrt, and any of the main bibliographies. We locate no copy on OCLC or in the trade