MARTIN, J.V.. Im Namen des Volkes. Randers: Situationistisk Internationale, n.d. [1965]. n.p. [11 p.]; 21 x 30; ill. covers with detourned comics.

Short pamphlet by J.V. Martin on the trial against the Scandinavian section of the Situationist International. Danish courts later dropped all charges. Ends with the words “There is no state!” (translation is mine).

“IN DENMARK IN FEBRUARY 1965, J.V. Martin published his comments — weighed down by worsening conditions — on the proceedings instituted against the SI by the local branch of “Moral Rearmament” (Im Namen des Volkes). Danish translations of these texts were published by the Left socialist journal Aspekt: in its first issue, under the title To Realize Philosophy, To Realize Art… (Internationale Situationniste #10)

Raspaud & Voyer 117. Not in Scheppe & Ohrt. We locate no copies on OCLC or in the trade.