[Situationistisk International] Vestergade 58 Aarhus Praesenterer NY-IRREALISMEN Operation “Playtime”Aarhus (Denmark) : Situationistisk Internationale, n.d. [1967]. 1 p.; ill.; 29 x 46 cm.; ill.poster with detourned comics

Poster of the exhibition of anti-paintings by Michèle Bernstein (The Victory of the Spanish Republicans) and J.V. Martin (the Golden Ships series), and five Nothing Boxes by René Viénet. “In March 1967, the same year Debord and Vaneigem’s books appeared, Martin organized another Situationist exhibition in Denmark called ‘Operation Playtime.’ This time the exhibition took place in Aarhus at Galleri Forstesalen. The gallery was located on the first floor at Vestergrade 58, a very vibant local jazz house…” (Rasmussen, Mikkel Bolt. Playmates and Playboys at a Higher Level: J. V. Martin and the Situationist International, p.34)

Scheppe & Ohrt 541. Not in other bibliographies. We do not locate copies on OCLC or in the trade of this rare poster