INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTE. Flyvebald Nr. 1: Kommerciel sammenspisningCopenhagen (Denmark) : Situationistisk Internationale, 1 March 1963. 1 p; 49 x 32 cm.; black ink on light blue stock.

Rare first poster by the Scandinavian section of the Situationist International, which denounces the Danish Ministry of Culture’s commercialist policies. “What do the heads of the State’s United Culture Concentration Camps (the Academy Council and Ministry of Culture) think about a censored and state-recognized exhibition…having chosen an art dealer as a business manager…” (translation is mine). Signed by P. Laugesen, H.H. Merved, and J.V. Martin for the Scandinavian section. Mailing addresses for the German and French sections are also provided.

Not accounted for in any of the major bibliographies of Guy Debord and the Situationist International (BNF, Gonzalvez, Raspaud & Voyer, Scheppe & Ohrt), and absent of major Situationist archives (Yale, BnF).

To our knowledge, this is the first time this poster is reproduced.