GORETTI, Letizia. La Vertigine del Gioco: L’Azione dell’Internazionale Situazionista tra Arte e Politica. Venice: Anteferma Edizioni, June 2021. 240 p.; ill.; 13,5 x 21 cm. In Italian.

“The book deepens the study of the avant-garde movement and the role of play, as a fundamental element in the life and evolution of beings. The game is tension, creation, fun, tactics and it is from this that the theory of the Situationist International takes shape, which branches out into the city, into the knowledge of spaces, into social and economic criticism. A story reconstructed starting from a research that lasted years, in which the author recovered various materials such as flyers, posters, newspaper pages and a whole series of documents that testify the evolution of the movement, from its establishment to its dissolution, which the only member remained Guy Debord, whose action still appears more than relevant today” (Publisher)

The book was released on Wednesday 28th July 2021, on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the Situationist International movement. More details available at
https://www.anteferma.it/prodotto/la-vertigine-del-gioco/, where copies can also be ordered