[INTERNATIONALE LETTRISTE] Avant la guerre: 66 métagraphies influentielles. Paris: Galerie du Passage, 11 June 1954. 1 p.; 21 x 27 cm.; black ink on cream stock.

Announcement leaflet (no catalogue was issued) for the first lettrist exhibition, held at the Galerie du Passage in Paris on June 1954. Gil Wolman was the organizer, and this would be the first time his collages would be shown. Other stated contributors include Andre-Frank Conord, Mohamed Dahou, Guy-Ernest Debord, Jacques Fillon, Gilles Ivain (i.e., Ivan Chtcheglov, who contributed a map of Paris with islands, archipelagoes, and peninsulas), and Patrick Straram.

Gonzalvez 100. Oeuvres 126-130. Scheppe & Ohrt 136

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