BAJ, Enrico (Ed.). Bollettino d’informazioni [sic] del Mouvement International pour un Bauhaus Imaginiste, n. 1 : Immagine e Forma. n.p. [Milan]: Editoriale Periodici Italiani (EPI), 30 October 1954. 12 p.; 33 x 23 cm.; beige wrappers with text in black.

GALLIZIO, Giuseppe; SIMONDO, P[iero]; VERRONE, E[lena]; JORN, A[sger]. Bollettino d’informazioni [sic] del Mouvement International pour un Bauhaus Imaginiste, n. 2 : Eristica. Alba: Laboratorio sperimentale per una Bauhaus Immaginista, July 1956. 18 p.; ill.; 33 x 23.5 cm.; ill. wrappers with original original lithograph by Asger Jorn.

Complete series of this scarce, short-lived and important periodical, as it spurred the long friendship between Asger Jorn and Guy Debord. In fact, Debord would reproduce excerpts from “Immagine e Forma” in issue #15 of Potlatch (22 December 1954)

The first issue – which is also the first publication of the Mouvement International pour un Bauhaus Imaginiste – consists of a single text by Asger Jorn (“Immagine e Forma”). The translation into Italian is the work of Sergio Dangelo, and was done based on Jorn’s original manuscript. A French version would be published in 1958 in Pour la Forme. The text is a sharp criticism of Max Bill and the College of Design in Ulm.

The second (and last) issue consists of several articles. “Forma e struttura” (Form and structure) by Asger Jorn (which would be reprinted in French in Pour la Forme); “Per una teoria generale delle arti figurative” (For a general theory of figurative art) by Piero Simondo; and “Funzioni architettoniche, di destinazioni democratiche” (” Architectural functions, of democratic destinations”) by Elena Verrone. It also includes photographs from Incontro internazionale d’arte in Albisola in 1954. The inside front and rear wrappers reproduce the text “Percha la Bauhaus e cosi importante?”, which was originally issued as a leaflet and presents the 27 key theses of the Imaginist Bauhaus.

Scheppe & Ohrt 91, 93. We locate 6 copies on OCLC.