[INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTE] [GUTT, Tom et al.]. l’Internationale Situationniste prend l’offensive. n.p. [Brussels]: n.p., 31 March 1963. Leaflet: 1 p. (two-sided); 21.5 x 25 cm.; black ink on white stock. Envelope: 15.5 x 12.5 cm.; blue ink and black stamps on light blue stock.

Written by Belgian Surrealist Tom Gutt (1941-2002), this leaflet was issued as a fake supplement to Internationale Situationniste 8 and is signed by Guy Debord and Raoul Vaneigem on the behalf of the Situationist International’s Central Committee. 500 copies were printed. L’Internationale Situationniste prend l’offensive is Gutt’s response to the Situationist leaflet Pas de dialogue avec les suspects! Pas de dialogue avec les cons! , a violent attack against the Belgian Surrealists that was published on 27 February 1963. The conflict would also be discussed in Internationale Situationniste 9 in August 1964 (“Under the pretext of a completely imaginary anti-fascism, a few fragments of surrealism’s Stalinist tendency attempted to join the situationists in Anvers. Their inevitable ejection was reported by a tract issued in Dutch and French on 27 February 1963: No Dialogue with Suspects! No Dialogue with Morons!“)

Gutt’s leaflet parodies Situationist rhetoric and announces the (fake) exclusion of Attila Kotanyi. Concidentally, Kotanyi would be excluded from the S.I. later that year — in December 1963 specifically

To make the story believable, Gutt mailed the leaflet from Paris (instead of Brussels) – specifically from the rue Cujas post office, not far from the Sorbonne and from the Situationist International’s PO BOX location. He also managed to duplicate the Internationale Situationniste stamp, which appears on the front of the mailing envelope. This particular copy was mailed to Belgian writer Louis Scutenaire.

Debord soon learnt about the ploy, and wrote to Alexander Trocchi about it on 20 April and 22 April 1963 (see Correspondance Vol. 2, p. 209-213).

We locate OCLC copies at Yale and the Getty Museum.