[PINOT-GALLIZIO, Giuseppe] Pinot-Gallizio: Industrielle Malerei. Munich: Van de Loo, 1959. n.p. [4 p.]; ill.; 15 x 21 cm.; black ink on white stock.

Catalog published on the occasion of Pinot-Gallizio’s exhibition, held at the Galerie Van de Loo in Munich between 14 April and 8 May 1959. This was Gallizio’s third exhibition of industrial painting, and the first one outside Italy (the Drouin exhibition in Paris would follow shortly thereafter). Contents include: a photograph of Pinot-Gallizio in his workshop in Alba (different from the one in the catalog of the exhibition held in Torino in 1958), a translation into German of excerpts of Michele Bernstein’s Elogio di Pinot Gallizio, and a translation into German of Pinot-Gallizio’s biography as found in the Torino catalog.
For more details, see Debord’s letter to Pinot-Gallizio dated February 1958 (Correspondance Vol.1, pp. 193-194)