VIENET, René. [Typed letter to Monsieur E. BOGAERT dated 12 May 1970]. 1 p.; 21 x 27 cm.; black ink on white and green Internationale Situationniste stock.

Debord first met Eugene Bogaert in late 1959, entrusting him with the printing of the third issue of Internationale Situationniste (Paris: Internationale Situationniste, December 1959). In a letter dated 14 December 1959, Debord tells Constant “Nous sommes maintenant chez un imprimeur excellent” (“We are now with an excellent printer”). The previous printer had botched the printing of the second issue of Internationale Situationniste: the aluminum foil used for the wrappers was of such poor quality that the majority of copies did not survive the printing process. A second printing was realized by Bogaert in the Spring of 1962 using a more durable material (see here for pictures:

Despite a few issues (e.g., with the printing of Internationale Situationniste 6, see letters in Correspondance Volume 2 , pp. 104-115), Debord and Bogaert would get along well and Ch. Bernard would remain the printer of Internationale Situationniste through the very last issue in 1969. This is in part due to the fact that Bogaert showed tremendous patience and understanding regarding the SI’s chronically delayed payments (see, for instance, the letter from Debord dated 1 October 1962 in Correspondance Volume 2, pp. 168-170). Bogaert would also print many of the SI’s leaflets and brochures over the years.

In this letter dated 12 May 1970, Viénet discusses the printing of the thirteenth issue of the periodical Internationale Situationniste. He states (translation is mine): “I can already assure you that the financing of no. 13 will not impact the settling of our debts. Besides, I will ensure, as you suggest, that the required amount for the cover is made available to you by early August. We have chosen the color 401 for 10.000 covers”. As our readers are likely aware, Internationale Situationniste 13 would never be published. Preliminary notes and manuscripts related to that issue can be found at Yale University’s Beinecke Library, in the Gianfranco Sanguinetti papers (see

Letter from Vienet to Bogaert
Courtesy of Yale University’s Beinecke Library