DEBORD, [Guy]; JORN, [Asger]; KHATIB, [Abdelhafid]’ KORUN, [WALTER]; Pinot-Gallizio, [Giuseppe]. Typed letter dated 26 Janvier 1958. Paris: Internationale Situationniste, 1958. 1 p.; 21 x 27 cm.; black ink on cream white stock.

Letter from the Situationist group to “dear mister Sandberg”, adding to an earlier (and much longer) letter dated 25 January 1958. Willem Sandberg was the director of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk museum since 1945 and an early promoter of the COBRA movement – he had sponsored the “first international exhibition of experimental art”, COBRA, in November 1949, causing a scandal. Sandberg was interested in organizing another COBRA exhibition, but the Situationists aimed for something altogether different : a two-prong exhibition, focused on both the historical COBRA (1949-51) and on the more contemporary outlook provided by the S.I. Debord, Sandberg, and “legacy” COBRA artists like Dotremont could not find a compromise, and the plan for an exhibition was soon abandoned.

The letter is found in Correspondance Vol. 1, p. 56.