JORN, Asger. [CORRESPONDENCE] [WYCKAERT, Maurice] Mon cher Wyckaert. 1958. 1 p. (two-sided); 28 x 21.5 cm.; blue ink on white stock.

Letter (in French) from Asger Jorn to Maurice Wyckaert. Pierre Alechinksy had introduced Wyckaert to Jorn in 1956, when the Belgian painter was visiting Edouard Jaguer (another COBRA member) in Paris. Jorn helped Wyckaert refine his technique: for instance, he invited him to Albissola’s “International Encounter in Ceramics” so the young artist could learn how to mode material through making pottery. Finally, it is through Jorn that Wyckaert met Debord and became a member of the Situationist International. In many ways, Wyckaert considered Jorn both a model and a mentor. For more details on the Jorn-Wyckaert relationship, see WYCAKERT, Maurice. L’Oeuvre Peint. (Paris: Allia, 2012).

In this letter, Jorn informs Wyckaert that Mazzotti – a pottery workshop located in Albisola – is unable to accomodate additional artists that year. Jorn also tells Wyckaert about “two little monographs of two Italians, Simondo and Gallizio” that Walter Korun is working on. He would like Wyckaert to get involved with Korun in this project, writing additional monographs “very much in the spirit of [those] published at Taptoe”. As a post-scriptum, Jorn tells Wycakert about a “Galerie Contemporain” (sic) in Brussels, where twenty or so gouaches by Pierre Wemaëre are being exhibited. He asks him to bring the paintings to Paris, at Galerie Facchetti (where he exhibition “Pierre Wemaëre, peintures” was to open in 1957) or at Pierre Wemaëre’s place in Versailles.