[WYCKAERT, Maurice]. CASPARI, C[laus]. [Untitled manuscript] L’image est aussi vieille que l’homme…ca. 1960. 6 p.; 21 x 27.5 cm.; black ink on thin white stock; annotations in blue ink.

Unpublished, unreleased typed manuscript by art critic Claus Caspari about Maurice Wyckaert. Handwritten annotations by Caspari in blue ink.

Caspari also authored a short introduction to the catalog for Wyckaert’s exhibition at Galerie Van de Loo, held from March 23 to April 26, 1961 (this is the exhibition that led to Wyckaert’s exclusion from the S.I.); see here for more details. However, the text of that introduction is altogether different from the one here, which was likely written around 1960 or 61.