MARTIN, J.V. J.V. Martin. [Randers]: Cykelbørsen Randers, 2010. n.p. [ca. 162 p.]; ill.; 21 x 30 cm.; black cover with text in white

“In 1986, J.V. Martin wrote a manuscript which was intended to be published in connection with a retrospective exhibition at the Randers Museum of Art. For various reason, it never came out. This is now being remedied” (press release, inserted loosely inside this volume — translation is ours). The facsimile version of the manuscript was published on the occasion of the exhibition “Storadmiralen går i land” (The Grand Admiral goes ashore”), held at Galleri Cykelbørsen in Randers in 2010. The original copy resides at the Randers Local Historical Archive. Excerpts had previously been published in 2007.

The mansuscript reads like a journey through Martin’s most significant artistic period, starting in the late 1950s and with a focus on the S.I. years. One reads about the Situationist International, the Little Mermaid scandal, the RSG-6 exhibition, the firebombing of Martin’s own apartment, and more.

We locate 2 copies on OCLC, both in Demark.