[TROCCHI, Alexander]. [PHOTOGRAPH] [Alexander Trocchi sitting at his desk at 6 St. Stephen’s Gardens, Notting Hill]. n.p. [London, United Kingdom], n.d. [ca. 1964]. 25.4 x 17.3cm B&W print.

Photograph of Trocch seated at his desk and who appears to be sealing envelopes. Perhaps the writer is getting ready to mail the latest issue of Sigma? Photograph by John Hopkins

[TROCCHI, Alexander]. [PHOTOGRAPH] [Alexander Trocchi and Sally Child in Trocchi’s flat in Observatory Gardens, Holland Park]. n.p. [London, United Kingdom], n.d. [ca. 1970s]. 17.8 x 23.9cm. (image size 14.9 x 22.6cm) B&W print.

The photograph — the work of Harold Chapman – shows Trocchi in his book-lined study, seated beside a coffee table covered with, among other objects, a small filing cabinet, cigarette packets, two wine glasses and an opened bottle of Möet & Chandon, while Sally Child, introduced to Trocchi by Robert Creeley’s wife, Penny, and his lover for the last seven years of his life, looks on. Photographer’s stamp and ‘Alexander Trocchi’ written out in ink by the photographer to verso.

[TROCCHI, Alexander]. [PHOTOGRAPH] [Alexander Trocchi in his Holland Park flat]. n.p. [London, United Kingdom], n.d. [ca. 1970s]. 14.7 x 21.5cm B&W print.

Splendid portrait of the tormented artist, the work of Harold Chapman. Photographer’s stamp and brief ink caption by the photographer to verso.