[INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTE]. [Dans le décor spectaculaire où le regard ne rencontre que les choses et leur prix…] In Unserer Spektakulären Gesellschaft… n.p. [Germany?]: n.p., n.d. [1970s?]. Poster. Ill.; 61 x 43 cm.; black ink on thick white stock.

German language translation of the original poster by Andre Bertrand, announcing the upcoming publication of Internationale Situationniste no.11. The unsigned text is by Raoul Vaneigem.

As noted by Raspaud (120-21), two different versions of this poster were released in December 1967, each with a similar unsigned text but illustrated with different comics. The other version is the work of Gerard Johannes, and is reproduced by Gonzalvez (136).

While numerous French (see here) and English-language (see here) versions of the posters are accounted for, we were not aware a German-language version. We do not locate any copy in the trade or on OCLC. Not in Raspaud.