[STRARAM, Patrick]. Cahier pour un paysage à inventer. Montreal, QC: n.p., 1960. 4 p.; 14.3 x 7.4 cm.; black ink on cream stock.

Invitation card for the launch of the first (and only) issue of Cahier pour un paysage a inventer. The event was held at Café Lutece (a then-popular jazz venue) in Montreal on 17 May 1960. The short-lived Situationist-influenced publication was produced by Patrick Straram following his expatriation to Canada. It mixed articles, poems and critical texts by Quebec writers (Gaston Miron, Marie-France O’Leary, Paul-Marie Lapointe, Gilles Hénault, Serge Garant, Marcel Dubé…) and members of the Internationale Situationniste (Asger Jorn, Gilles Ivain, Guy-Ernest Debord…).

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