Chansons du proletariat révolutionnaire: Paroles et musiques. Paris: Editions musicales En avant comme avant, 1996. 7 loosely inserted sheets, each 42 x 30 cm and folded to 21 x 30 cm, housed in a 22 x 31 cm. white portfolio.

This portfolio was published and distributed in a few Parisian bookstores in 1996. It served as a tribute to the first (and only) volume of the LP Pour en Finir avec le Travail: Chansons du Proletariat Révolutionnaire, produced by Jacques le Glou and released in 1974. 2 years later, in 1998, Chansons… would be re-issued in CD format by EPM. Song renditions, as well as extensive information on this production are available at

We locate two OCLC copies, at the International Center for Research on Anarchism (CIRA), in Switzerland, and the International Institute for Social Research (IISG), in the Netherlands.