PIERINI, Franco. “I Partiti Non Hanno Piu Niente Da Dirci” in L’Europeo no. 1101. Milano: L’Europeo, 15 December 1966. 98 p.; ill.; 27 x 37 cm.; ill. wrappers.

Article on the Strasbourg scandal in the Italian magazine L’Europeo (pp. 26-31) illustrated by a series of photographs by Gianfranco Moroldo, one of which captures a young Mustapha Khayati. Though rarely kind to journalists, The S.I. was particularly pleased by this article. In a letter to Mario Perniola dated 26 December 1966, Debord describes it as “very honest and sympathetic, despite the “objective information” aspect of the end” (Correspondance Vol. III, p. 187). He respected its author sufficiently to have him included among the recipients of the first issue of Internazionale Situazionista (letter to the Italian section dated 29 August 1969 in Correspondance Vol. IV, p.108). When Sanguinetti considered giving an interview to the press in 1972, Debord recommended that he reach out to Franco Pierini at L’Europeo (Correspondance Vol. IV, p.526). Finally, in 1972, Raspaud & Voyer describe it as “excelent, clear, and intelligent” (l’Internationale Situationniste : protagonistes / chronologie / bibliographie (avec un index des noms insultés), pp. 141)

Raspaud & Voyer 141. Trespeuch 32.