[Internationale Situationniste] BERNSTEIN, Michele; MARTIN, J.V.; TROCCHI, Alexander; VANEIGEM, Raoul. [Déclaration sur les procès contre l’Internationale Situationniste en Allemagne Fédérale] Erklæring vedrorende processen mod internationale situationister I Den Tyske Forbundsrepublik. n.p. [Randers, Denmark]: n.p. [Internationale Situationniste], n.d. [1962]. 3 p.; 21 x 34 cm.; black ink on cream stock.

In November 1961, Gruppe SPUR published the sixth issue of their periodical, which was promptly seized by authorities. Soon thereafter, in the first trial of artists in Germany since the Third Reich, the group was prosecuted for “pornography” and “religious defamation”. Though the Situationist group excluded Gruppe SPUR in February 1962, it continued to showcase solidarity towards its members. In May 1962, the leaflet “Déclaration sur les procès contre l’Internationale Situationniste en Allemagne Fédérale” was published in Paris. Its last paragraph read “We ask that all the sections of the SI translate and publish this declaration; and that our comrades adhere to our perspectives and distribute information about this affair as widely as possible. We ask everyone to support Uwe Lausen as soon as possible, as much though public declarations that could be useful during his trial as through forms of practical aid that could help the continuation of the SI’s activities in Germany” (p.3).

The following leaflet therefore comes in direct response to this ask. In it, the Scandinavian section of the S.I. offers a translation of “Declaration” into Danish. It is unclear how widely this leaflet was distributed, though – this is the first copy we encounter. As far as we are aware, no bibliography mentions its existence. Readers are encouraged to reach out to us should they have more details to contribute.

We locate no copy of this rare leaflet on OCLC or in the trade. A facsimile of the (much more common) French original can be found here, while an English translation can be found here