[Bauhaus Situationiste] KROJER, Tom; THORSEN, Jens Jorgen (Eds.). The Antinational Situationist No. 1 / Den Antinationale Situationist No.1. Våxtorp, Sweden / Copenhagen, Denmark: Bauhaus Situationiste, n.d. [1974]. n.p. [30 p.]; ill.; 21 x 29.5 cm.; yellow screen-printed wrappers with text in black

The Antinational Situationist – sub-titled “Tidsskrift for almen kreativitet mode stater, uniformer, autoriteter og generaler” (“periodical for common creativity against states, uniforms, authorities, popes and generals”) – was a bilingual (English/Danish) periodical published by the Bauhaus Situationiste. Its editors, Tom Krojer and Jens Jorgen Thersen, had big ambitions: “We are happy to present you the first issue of our periodical for common creativity, ‘The Antinational Situationist’. As you will see, this first issue is concentrated on the collective creativity, which according to our opinion is the threshold of a completely new phase in culture. The First Situationist International, based in Paris, is completely dead now….Therefore the Antinational Situationist movement is founded, and this is marked by bringing the outlines for the manifesto of the founding of this movement. In Issue 2 of this periodical we hope to be able to publish the signed and ratified manifesto.” (p.1). However, only a single issue of this beautiful screen-printed magazine would ever be released.

This inaugural issue includes a wide range of contributions (all in English and Danish)
(1) “Beyond The Crisis Of Abstraction And The Abstract Break With That Crisis: The SI”, by former American SI member Jon Horelick. The article offers a harsh critique of Debord and Sanguinetti’s La véritable scission dans l’Internationale.
(2) “Is this Metaville? A project for creative play” by Jens Jorgen Thorsen, in collaboration with Susanne Ussing and Carsten Hoff. The article brings backs and builds on the notions of architecture and play, as expressed in the writings and Constant and the early SI.
(3) “The Antinational of the Fourth World: Divided we Stand” by Jens Jorgen Thorsen. This is the draft Manifesto of Antinational Situationist, which is co-signed by Jorgen Nash, J.V. Martin, Patrick O’Brien (i.e., Asger Jorn), Tom Krojen, Ambrosius Fjord (Jorn’s horse), Andres King, Yoshio Nakajima, Liza Menue, Heimad Prem, Mette Aarre, Heinz Freitag, Liz Zwick, Novi Maruni, and Helmut Strum.
(4) “My pocket history of collective painting” by Jens Jorgen Thorsen. This discusses the art of collective painting including Cobra’s practices
(5) “Collective painting statement” by Tom Krojer and J.J. Thorsen.
(6) “All culture is collective” by J.V. Martin, an apology of collective creation and criticism of individual art (“DOWN WITH ART WHICH IS SELF-CONTENTED AND EGOCENTRIC, WHICH CONTEMPLATES ITS OWN NAVEL!”)
Finally, the last two pages list publications by the Bauhaus Situationiste and its members

Texts (2), (3) and (6) are reproduced in Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen & Jakob Jakobsen’s Cosmonauts of the Future: Texts from the Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere (Copenhagen: Nebula and Brooklyn: Autonomedia, 2015.

We locate a single copy of this rare publication on OCLC (Princeton).