INTERNAZIONALE SITUAZIONISTA. Corrispondenza con un’editore. Milan: Internazionale Situazionista, n.d. [Feb. 1972]. Broadside; 49.5 x 33.2 cm.; black and red ink on white stock.

Printed and distributed in Italy, this broadside reproduces several letters between Guy Debord, Gianfranco Sanguinetti (from the Situationist International) and Gian Piero Brega (who worked for Italian publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli). Sanguinetti’s Foreign Rights department initiates contact with the SI, with the intent to publish an Italian translation of the 12 issues of Internationale Situationniste. Debord writes back, calling Feltrinelli a “Stalinist reptile” and “formally [denying him] the right to publish, in whole or in part, any SI text”. Brega further responds that Debord’s “letter of the 9th December is overflowing with errors of fact and of argument” then closes with “Good advice: get help. Good wishes: get well soon”. The last letter, penned by Sanguinetti, openly threatens Brega should he or Feltrinelli dare publish any texts from the SI.

The text from this broadside was reproduced alongside Avviso al proletariato italiano ; Gli operai d’Italia e la rivolta di Reggio Calabria by G.d.C in 1973 & 1976. It was translated into French by Luc Mercier and Joel Gayraud, then published in Ecrits complets. Section italienne de l’Internationale Situationniste [1969-1972] (Paris: Contre-Moule, 1988), pp. 133-137. It has also been translated into English by Phil Edwards in 1998 and posted on NotBored! (

Gonzalvez 130.

We locate a single copy on OCLC at the Biblioteca del Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea (MART) in Italy.