[DEBORD, GUY]. Proletarietet som subjekt och som representation. n.p. [Stockholm]: n.p. [Gyllene Flottan], n.d. [1970]. 1 p.; ill.; 21 x 29.5 cm.; black ink on white stock.

Translation by the Swedish pro-Situationist group Gyllene Flottan (“The Golden Fleet”, a reference to J.V. Martin’s geopolitical paintings) of a French-language detourned comic that announced the publication of Guy Debord’s La Société du spectacle. The text in is from the fourth chapter, thesis no. 123 of the book. The détourned comic is from the American action-adventure comic strip Terry and the Pirates.

This leaflet was likely released alongside the first partial Swedish language translation of Debord’s book, specifically of Chapter 4 (also titled “Proletarietet som subjekt och som representation”). We do not locate any reference to this leaflet in any know bibliographies or on OCLC.